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Shop from curated looks by fashion bloggers and quit the endless browsing through shoes and shirts.

Hey siri

“What to wear today?” will make Siri your personal fashion assistant. Killer looks, every day.

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Your budget doesn’t share your love for Louboutin? Don’t worry, Chic has got you covered.


Sarah da Câmara
Sometimes I struggle on what to wear when the season changes and Chic helps me a lot.
Sarah da Câmara Flight Attendant at TAP
Yuliya Pozdniak
Love this app! The design is beautiful and very clean! And it works perfectly.
Yuliya Pozdniak UX/UI Designer
Joana Cumbre
Finally I’m using Siri for something usefull! “Hey Siri, feeling fancy!”
Joana Cumbre agronomic enginee
Selma Manjee
How exciting to wake up and have outfit suggestions!
Selma Manjee Marketing Executive, The Body Shop
Maria João Morgadinho
Super outfits no matter the weather!
Maria João Morgadinho Family Physician
Catarina Dias
This ideia is genius!
Catarina Dias Writer, TV
Julia Menezes
Two in one: smart & Trendy
Julia Menezes Events in store at Calzedonia group
Carolina Segurado Fernandes
Inspiration for the day? Special occasion? In Alaska? At Chic I can find a match for every ambience.
Carolina Segurado Fernandes Architect


An idea that was the marriage of two different concepts. Fashion and weather. But little did we know that Chic Every Weather was the result of an actual marriage.

Between morning coffee, cereal bowls and sending off their two kids to school, João and Joana came up with the idea for a personal fashion assistant-app dedicated to simplifying the daybreak hustle.

And that’s how Chic Every Weather was born: a personal assistant that will look out the window and come back with the perfect, weather matching look for the cosmopolitan woman

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